Word Whizzle Answers

Word Whizzle Answers
Word Whizzle Answers is a game by apprope. If you’re looking for all the Word Whizzle levels answers and solutions then you’re at right place. There are total 35 categories in the Word Whizzle Answers game which are: duck, rabbit, chicken, goat, gull, monkey, sheep, rooster, dolphin, stork, calf, turkey, cat, ostrich, dog, crab, pig, cow, camel, chimpanzee, horse, gazelle, whale, hippo, giraffe, rhino, zebra, gorilla, elephant, lion, tiger, bull, snake, antelope, crocodile, moose, cheetah, bear, shark, spider, eagle, lizard, sea monster, dragon, dinosaur, alien, centaur, big foot, ghost, unicorn. As of now these are the only categories available in the game but don’t worry whenever a new category will come we will add it to our website instantly.
Playing Word Whizzle Answers is very easy, all you need to do is reading the clue and then sliding the letter to guess the answers. You can only slide the letters forward or backward and if you guess a answer right then the app will cheer you up with a sound but if your answer was incorrect then there will be no sound. However, before using word whizzle cheats you can try your hands on hints and reveal the initial letter of the word. If the hints can’t help you in guessing the right word then scroll down to this page and click on the Word Whizzle Category and unlock the complete solutions.
According to us apprope is a top level developer which have created many challenging games and you will be glad to know Word Whizzle Answers is one of them. If you liked playing this game you can always support the efforts of apprope by giving amazing 5 stars reviews on their app on google play store or itunes. If you want the developer to continue making this kind of games then please buy In-app hints or credits which you can see inside the game. This will help the developer to keep making games for you.

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